About Us

Quality holds a pivotal role in succes of company, indian traditions and artistic brillaince stands through our consistent quality.

We are doing this businees for generations. To do all these kind of works, you should not only know tailoring but also you should have the knowledge of Art and Drawing. As we have been learning and working for generations, our work turns out to be the most beautiful and incredible piece of Art. The Art which we do is highly supported by "Hindu Aranilayathurai".

Central and state governments has approved us by issuing a certificate. After delivering the carsarees (Thaer seelaigal) to the temple, The temple authorities used to honour us during the car festival (thaerottam). Especially while presenting our car sarees (Thaer seelaligal) to the kanchipuram car festival, "Jagad Guru Shri Chandrashekarendra saraswati swamigal(1894 -1994)" applauded our work and gave us a certificate. We think thats a great acheivement and an Honour for us.

The trust and goodwill of our clients has been our inspiration to excel and shine in the indian handicrafts items in the industry, we have also made a wide clients base in the markets of singapore and malaysia.